The Deal To End All Deals

On a Monday morning a group gathers around a table in a large room in a city renown for a small child prone to relieving himself. There is dread and nervousness in the air as nobody really knows what to expect from all this upheaval. Will they agree on important issues? Will there be strong and stable discussions? It is 19 June 2017 and the leaders of Europe have come together to battle out 44 years worth of cooperation as Britain tries to cement its negotiating strategy. What strategy I hear you say… Well, Theresa May has always said she has a clear vision on Brexit. 

After she received the painful verdict from the British people it has become embarrassingly obvious that Britain’s position has been weakened and the PM is desperate to retain power. Her proposed coalition with the DUP means that she has no mandate to deliver Brexit. The empty soundbites have ceased and the Tories are divided. European leaders have expressed concern about negotiating from such a position. We musn’t despair, I say for we are rulers of the seven seas, the Empire, Gloriana….wait it is we, the people, that humbly remind you those days are in the past and the future must be built on cohesion and partnership. Ahem, dare I say the word… Coalition?

This deal will determine the legacy we leave for the next generation and all they would see is grown ups treating each other as if they are in the House of Commons Primary School shouting and screaming. There is growing dissent in her own party with Liam Fox threatening to quit as negotiator should Theresa May use a more sensible and beneficial approach. “Foxit” should not be of consequence when it comes to negotiating with the largest trading bloc in the world after hurling decades of insults at them. A little ironic, right?

Suppose, this is the will of the British people but did they vote for chaos, nastiness, division and incompetence? Not really, they voted on a hope… a dream of a better future only to become disappointed by their hopeful (yet again). A tactic of vicious attacks on Jeremy Corbyn only proved the nastiness ten-fold and the slurs of ineptitude are now doing a 180, taking aim at the fatigued looking Prime Minister.

We at FiveTru will follow these events closely. Opinions are ours and ours only so stay tuned for more insights, articles, blogs and events to get your latest.


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