Brexit: How their future is decided

It’s been almost a year since the people of Britain decided to take the  plunge into the unknown. A step so monumental that it caused a rift in the national psyche which the nation is still trying to overcome. Brexit was about identity, strength and unity all hijacked by politicians to gain an advantage and so far there is only loss. The country saw its Prime Minister fall, it saw relentless vicious attacks from politicians on each other, its saw another Prime Minister take the mantle with an even lesser comprehension of the world we live in today. A political drama fit for television.

So where are the gains? Well, many Brexiteers have lauded the economic performance of Britain over the last year, citing consumer spending, foreign investment, manufacturing and market growth. Although these are excellent developments they don’t tell the whole story. The story of uncertainty becoming  the new normal since the referendum. It should be said that foreign buy outs of companies is just a strategic business decision as a result of the cheap pound and certainly not a boost to Brexit. Brexiteers have been very creative in presenting fact based manipulated representations to their own end.

Theresa May has managed to create so much doubt that nobody knows anymore what a viable, amicable, prosperous and secure solution would look like for the change in the UK-EU relationship. She told the people that she would offer strong and stable leadership followed by more U-turns than a Sunday driver going down a narrow dead end road during rush hour. We always believed that the effects of Brexit would be felt over a longer period of time despite Brexiteers trying their utmost hardest that Britain can have anything it likes without compromise or concessions. Now it is becoming clear that this is very far from reality and a little humility is now recommended. Humble pie anyone?

The Prime Minister had a different idea and duped the nation with another election (one of her U-turns) so after a few referendum and few elections the people are tired and fed up only to be left with a weak government, a wobbly Prime Minister who is not as capable as she portrayed, a controversial government and a Europe ready to pile on the pressure. The plot thickens.

Little Blighty so far has done little to impress Europe and is extremely ill prepared to enter these negotiations. Europe knows this and therefore suggested the door back remains open to Britain should it wish to do so but after so much arrogance and smugness is there a way back? The likes of David Davis, the Brexit Secretary would categorically tell you “absolutely not” but it would seem that he paid attention to the U-turn artistry of the May government and yesterday appeared to have conceded on EU demands of ‘divorce settlement’ first trade deal after. The people of Britain don’t care about the tit for tat they want success and prosperity however they deserve to know that this is now become much more difficult to achieve.

The Prime Minister has a weaker mandate, needs a controversial party to help her negotiate the terms of EU departure with opposing ideas amongst both parties. The hard working citizens see a lack of wage growth, inflation soaring and expenses increasing, sound bites and rhetoric does not feed their family. Mr Davis does not always heed this reality and continued to goad the EU for a long time until he actually got in the room and faced-off with a team of top negotiators only to be put in his place. Ironically, his idea of Brexit died yesterday and the people need to know as his progress and ‘achievements’ will impact the people of Britain for generations to come. The future will offer praises or curses but which one it will be is a matter of time.

Written by: Staff